Welcome to Libra Industries, Inc.



Services & Products We Provide: 

Cleaning & Reconditioning of Personal Protective Products

Libra Industries is an industry leader specializing in the cleaning and reconditioning of personal protective equipment.  Using our exclusive process, used and soiled work gloves, welding apparel, aprons, flame-retardant garments, shop towels and many other products, can be cleaned and/or repaired to be used again.  This process saves our customers 30% - 50% in costs versus buying new products.

New Product Sales

Libra Industries is a major distributor of new PPE products as well.  We stock a wide variety of work gloves and other PPE, offering head to toe protection from various industrial hazards.  Most order ship within 24 hours.  Our large, stocked warehouse helps ensure timely delivery of the products you need, when you need them.

When you purchase from Libra Industries, you get more than safety products at competitive prices.  You get personalized service, exceptional quality and access to experienced salesmen dedicated to ensuring you are using the right product and getting the maximum value for your dollar spent.  Many of our employees have 10+ years experience in the safety industry. 

Combine New Product Purchases with Recycling for Best Value

By combining our cleaning service with new product purchases, Libra can offer you the most "bang for your buck".  New products can be purchased to replace uncleanable/unrepairable products to ensure a constant flow of needed PPE.  Combining our services can provide you with free delivery of new and recycled product via our regularly scheduled trucks, saving even more money.


A Brief History

An Illinois Corporation since 1956, the company was renamed in 1972 becoming Libra Industries, a full service supplier and recycler of safety products. Through recycling, safety products, and railroad supply divisions, Libra services industry nation-wide.

Growing from a Chicago area glove cleaning plant into a nation-wide distributor of multiple lines of protective equipment, Libra today offers programs of cost reduction through conscientious recycling efforts coupled with new products evaluated for quality, recycling ability and highest value per dollar spent.