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Welcome to Libra Industries, Inc.


From our beginning as a glove and clothing cleaner in 1956 to our present day position as a recognized leader in supplying safety products and cost reduction programs and services for personal protection equipment, Libra Industries, Inc. has consistently provided value to the customer.

Time and the evolution of businesses, yours and ours, has produced many changes. Consider the increase in safety regulations, new technologies, and greater customer expectations for quality and value added, to name a few. The myriad of new products and the demand for them to be the most technically advanced has required our association with over 100 manufacturers of safety equipment.

Libra offers consistently low prices on high quality safety products, many with reuse capabilities. Gloves, clothing, boots, respirators, hard hats, winter liners and ship towels are among the many products with cost reduction potential through cleaning and reuse. Let Libra provide the right products and the recycling services to reduce your total “cost to use” safety equipment.

With our offices and warehouse in Elk Grove Village, IL, we are positioned for Nationwide service with competitively priced products, regional pick-up and delivery via our scheduled trucks, ample inventory, and a variety of shipping options.

From the selection of the proper equipment to meet and satisfy safety concerns to maximizing the value associated with safety equipment as an expense, we will work to make your safety programs better and more cost efficient.


Thank you for choosing Libra.


William M. Maki


Libra Industries, Inc.