PPE Cleaning & Refurbishing

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) RECYCLING

If you are looking for ways to cut your safety equipment budgets without sacrificing worker safety or quality of equipment, consider reconditioning your used personal protective equipment (PPE) with Libra Industries, Inc.  Our recycling/reuse program can save your company 30% to 50% of PPE costs and reduce waste.  Libra has been the industry leader in cleaning and reconditioning PPE for more than 50 years.  Our cleaning/reconditioning services combined with new detergents and cleaning techniques help to reduce stress on the environment by reducing the wastes in landfills, using more environmentally friendly chemicals and by adhering to strict guidelines for the disposal of any hazardous waste created.  Only Libra Industries can provide the experience, expertise, and attention to detail necessary to guarantee your PPE is cleaned and reconditioned properly for reuse.


  • Libra’s comprehensive glove and clothing recycling/reuse program can save your company from 30% to 50% of hand and personal protective equipment costs.
  • Usable life of gloves and clothing is extended when contaminants such as oil, grease and grit (which cause abrasion and fabric deterioration) are properly removed by Libra’s cleaning process.
  • Repairs made by Libra reinforce wear areas and maximize the life of gloves and other garments.
  • Oily, slippery gloves and garments with holes are potential safety hazards.  Libra’s recycling/reuse program eliminates these potential safety hazards.
  • Control and accountability for costly personal protective equipment and safety clothing can be maintained through a Libra recycling/reuse program.  Workers exchange soiled items for recycle or new merchandise, thus eliminating waste and reducing overhead costs.  A reduction in overhead is a direct increase in profits.
  • Cleaned product from a Libra recycling/reuse program may eliminate some hazardous waste disposal costs.  All cleaned product from Libra is free of contamination and may be disposed of as ordinary waste. 

Libra’s Hazardous Waste Control Policy is in strict compliance with applicable state and federal regulations regarding the handling of “Perc”.  In addition, proper disposition of generated waste is accomplished to ensure future accountability.


Most detergents used for water washing contain Nonylphenol Ethoxylates (NPEs), which have been found to cause environmental damage.  NPEs do not fully biodegrade in most wastewater treatment plants and can metabolize into more toxic and less degradable substances.  NPEs have been banned in Europe, in certain municipalities in the U.S. and are being phased out in Canada.  Until recently, NPE alternatives have been costly and lacked the performance of NPE-based detergents.

Libra Industries has perfected a cleaning process based around using NPE free detergents and highly efficient washing machines.  This process offers superior cleaning performance while reducing dangerous chemical releases into wastewater.

Our new water wash process offers the following:

  • Cleaning performance that is superior to NPE based detergents.
  • No additional process water or additives necessary for superior results.
  • Renewable resource – NPE-free detergents use plant oil derivatives which decreases dependence on petroleum.
  • Biodegradable surfactants relieve stress on the environment because they biodegrade faster, release less toxic byproducts and do not pollute the air.
  • EPA’s Design for Environment (DfE) Certification.



  • Eliminate dangerous safety and fire hazards.
  • Reduce waste of valuable safety apparel.
  • Add control and accountability to your waste management.
  • Reduce costly safety equipment inventories.
  • Minimize waste removal costs.
  • Eliminate downtime loss from missing gloves and garments.
  • Ensure compliance with proper disposal procedures for contaminated gloves and garments.